​​A committed student of Dog Psychology, Dog Behavior, and Dog Training, Melina continues to study under some of the best master trainers in the business in order to increasingly better her skills and abilities as a behaviorist, trainer, consultant, and coach for both dogs and their humans.

​​​ Melina is deeply honored to have served as an Assistant Trainer for Cesar Millan's Dog Psychology Center Weekend Courses Program in Santa Clarita, CA and as an assistant for Cesar's Fundamentals of Behavior Training Workshops since 2014. She considers working in the presence of Cesar, his accomplished Master trainers, and the students of the Dog Psychology Center to be a continually enriching and rewarding learning experience.

​​​​​​​Melina is an advocate for the humane treatment of animals and is an active participant in the community supporting local rescue organizations with her services and promoting responsible pet adoption, anti-breed discrimination efforts, and spay & neuter campaigns. Every service that she provides comes with the intent of compassion and betterment of the lives of dogs and their owners in the community. 

​​​​​​​Melina Snow is the founder and owner of OC Canine Solutions. A connection with dogs since childhood and an adult-found discovery of the life-changing effects of Dog Training, Dog Behavior Modification, and Dog Psychology inspired an impassioned study and the pursuit of a career working with dogs and their owners.

First having established The Walking Dog of Orange County (a thriving dog walking service) Melina then developed OC Canine Solutions to expand services offered to include training for dogs, dog owners, and rescue dog foster families .